Handmade Truffles and Truffle Collections

Our style of chocolate making is to produce small batches of chocolates with fresh subtle flavours that let the quality of the chocolate shine through, a delicious blend of chocolate and filling.

We use various high quality chocolates from Belgium, France and Germany mixed with lovely cream, real butter and natural ingredients where possible, to make our chocolates and truffles.

Delicious handmade truffles

For this reason our truffles do not have a long shelf life; eat them as soon as possible for the best flavour!

We produce a selection of truffles that are quite traditional, such as, hazelnut whirls, caramel barrels, rose & violet creams and Belgian melts, as well as the always popular champagne truffles, dark rum truffles, and single malt whisky truffles.

Of course we also like to push the boundaries sometimes and produce truffles and chocolates with more unusual flavours, so you will also find in our collection, date and marzipan, chai tea truffle, peanut butter, passion fruit and rose, and many others.

We like to vary our flavours throughout the year to suit the season – fruity, lighter truffles for the summer and rich, alcohol infused truffles for the winter.

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