Handmade Chocolate Creations

We are all about making truly unique hand crafted chocolate products with you and the enjoyment of our chocolates in mind, from the best ingredients we can find and wherever possible from local producers and suppliers. Of course with chocolate this is not always possible, seeing as our raw material (chocolate beans from cocoa pods) are only grown in a narrow group of countries around the equator!

We use various delicious, quality chocolates from Belgium, France and Germany, to make our range of products. We taste and hand pick our favourite chocolate blends to make our different chocolate products (it’s a hard life!)

One of our specialities is our beautiful hand decorated chocolate plaques and bars which taste as good as they look. We decorate our plaques with a wide range of messages or you can contact us for a personalised decoration. We even hand decorate our chocolate shoes, which make a fantastic gift.


We hand make all sorts of delicious treats with our chocolate including orange peel enrobed in dark chocolate, pecan and caramel chocolate ‘turtles’, chilli chocolate shards, chocolate coated coffee beans, huge slabs of chocolate packed full of marshmallows, popcorn or nuts and mini chocolate chunks such as dark chocolate ginger or white chocolate with coconut and raspberry.

We are always making something new, pop in to see what we have this week!

Over 90% of our chocolate products are made by ourselves but on our journey of discovery in the world of chocolate we have met other amazing small artisan chocolate producers who, like ourselves, strive to produce great chocolate products and from time to time we will display and sell their chocolate in our shop so that you can enjoy their chocolate too.

Dark chocolate coated strands of orange

We sell excellent quality single origin chocolate bars from amazing chocolatiers who make their chocolate right from cocoa bean to bar including:

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat, whose chocolate is grown from bean and made into bars in Vietnam.

Duffy’s Red Star Chocolate, Duffy buys the best cocoa beans he can find from ethical sources and uses them to make delicious chocolate in Cleethorpes, not far away at all!

‘Seed and Bean’ make all their delicious flavoured chocolate bars from sustainable and ethical ingredients. All their products are organic and this year theirs is the official chocolate of Glastonbury!

Willie’s Cacao, Willie makes a number of delicious bars, some of which use beans from his own plantation in Venezuela. He also makes 100% cacao cylinders, nothing added, just pure cacao which can be used to great effect in your cooking – both sweet and savoury.

We also sell some amazing ‘chocolate creations’ - from The Little Chocolate shop’s moulded chocolate characters and shapes, to The Gourmet Pizza Company’s chocolate pizzas and Chocaffair’s chocolate wellies, cupcakes and flavoured bars. All of which make fabulous presents for chocoholics! 

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