Chocolate Making Courses at Emily's

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All our chocolate making courses will start with an explanation of chocolate, tempering and a little about its origins plus taste testing of various chocolates from around the world to give an idea of the many differences in flavour and texture chocolate can have.

Then while you are working hard on your chocolate creations you can take a break to enjoy chocolatey refreshments including cake, brownie and other goodies to share.

You will also take home everything you make to show off and share or just to eat yourself - delicious! We will provide notes and recipes to recreate your chocolates at home.

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Handmade Truffles (In Depth Course)

Learn to make a selection of flavours of hand rolled and moulded chocolates and a range of ways to decorate them. We will teach you to make ganache, the starting point for truffles, and once you have your ganache we will use a variety of ingredients to flavour it. We will teach you to correctly temper chocolate and use it to dip your chocolate truffles and decorate them in a 3 different styles. You will experience hand rolling truffles, cutting and dipping square truffles and piping into chocolate shells. Finally you will make a chocolate bowl to put your chocolates in and package them beautifully to take home - your friends will think a professional has made these amazing chocolates!

Approx 3 hours | £55.00 per person | Aprons provided

Handmade Truffles (Introductory Course)

Make and decorate your very own box of 24 Chocolates. We will show you how to make ganache, the starting point for truffles, and provide you with a variety of flavours to pipe into chocolate shells. You will also had roll your own truffles before using correctly tempered chocolate to dip your chocolate truffles and decorate them in a variety of styles. Finally you will  package your chocolates beautifully in a box to take home - your friends will think a professional has made these amazing chocolates!

Approx 1.5 - 2 hours | £35.00 per person | Aprons provided

Tempering Chocolate at home 

Tempering Chocolate at home – a short course to demystify the process of tempering chocolate – especially aimed at the home kitchen. Useful for those who like to bake and create treats at home.

  1. Approx 1.5 - 2 hours | £35.00 per person | Aprons provided

Chocolate Shoes

On this course you will be able to make and decorate your own chocolate shoe – A fun two hour course to make your own beautiful stiletto shoe to take before packaging it to take home  – a great girlie activity!

Approx 2 hours | £35.00 per person | Aprons provided

Cake Decorations (In Depth Course)

On our in depth cake decorating course we will provide you with one of our delicious signature chocolate cakes all ready to decorate and an experienced chocolatier will teach you special techniques with chocolate to create a show stopping finished chocolate cake. Firstly you will learn how make a delicious chocolate ganache to cover your cake. Then you will be taken through the steps to temper chocolate correctly at home and use it to create chocolate curls, shapes, ruffles and runouts. As well as how to use chocolate transfers to add colour to your cake. As well as our standard cake decorating course we will run one off cake decorating courses themed around the season - for example Autumn leaves, or summer flowers. We hope to offer some different chocolate skills with each different cake. See our course dates information for more details.

Approx 3.5 - 4 hours | £65.00 per person | Aprons provided

 Cake Decorations (Introductory Course)

On our introductory cake decorating course you will learn the basics of tempering chocolate at home plus various techniques with chocolate to decorate your home bakes – such as chocolate run outs, chocolate spirals, shards and rolls.

Approx 1.5 - 2 hours | £35.00 per person | Aprons provided

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a real hit at the moment. On this course learn how to mix cake and frosting to create your cake pop and how to correctly temper your chocolate at home and use it to dip and decorate your own gorgeous cake pops. We will let you in on a few of the chocolatey tricks that have made our triple chocolate cake pops so popular. Finally you will make your own cake stand to display your cake pops in.

Approx 2 - 2.5 hours | £45.00 per person | Aprons provided

Chocolate Desserts

On our chocolate desserts course you will learn to make 3 chocolate desserts – including a chilled dessert - which will vary with the season, profiteroles filled with vanilla and chocolate creme patisserie and a truly delicious warm chocolate pudding. You will be able to take everything you make home plus the recipes to make them all over again!

 Approx 3.5 - 4 hours | £65.00 per person | Aprons provided

School holiday drop in chocolate making

On certain dates throughout the school holidays children will be able to make, decorate and package their own lollipop or flavoured chocolate bar. You will use our professionally tempered chocolate to make it and then decoration is up to you, go wild with a large selection of sprinkles and chocolate to make anything from a smiley face to a yummy mess!

The price is £5.00 per person (suitable for kids and big kids!) All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please note you will need to allow your lollipop or chocolate bar to set for about 15 minutes before packaging it to take home. Booking is not necessary but if there is a particular time you would like to come please do let us know to avoid disappointment. Aprons provided!

Summer Holidays:

Thursday 6th August (10 to 2pm)    

Friday 21st August (10am to 2pm)


Special Dietary Requirements

Due to the large variety of ingredients used in demonstrations and parties at Emily’s we are unable to remove all possible allergens from the area, however we can usually cater for dairy free and gluten free diets with notice. If you have a specific requirement please get in touch with us before booking to talk about how we can help.

Bookings and Cancellations Policy

To check availability, to book or for any further information please call 01777 711007, email or pop into our shop on Churchgate, Retford.

All bookings need to be paid in full to confirm your place on the course. Please note, we need 2 weeks notice for a full refund. With 7 days notice you will receive a 50% refund or you can swap to another available course date. Unfortunately we are unable to give a refund with less than 7 days notice unless we can fill your places.

Courses need a minimum of 4 participants to run. If 2 weeks prior to the course we don't have enough participants we may need to rearrange your booking to another date or alternatively give a full refund.