Brownie Bites

We love a bit of baking! And as well as our chocolate celebration cakes we make all sorts of baked goodies. Our speciality is the brownie, both our original very chocolatey brownie and a huge number of flavours which we vary throughout the year.

Including: cherry chocolate, banana choc chip, raspberry ganache, choc chip cookie chunk, salted caramel, coffee and hazelnut, chilli bang, blueberry and pecan, totally nuts and orange. Of course we also make white chocolate blondies such as raspberry, lemon drizzle, passion fruit drizzle and blueberry. It’s quite a list!

Brownie Bites

Baking brownies has led us to create ‘brownie bites’, small chunks of brownie enrobed in delicious milk chocolate and decorated with our signature swirls and flowers. Soft chocolate brownie dipped in yet more chocolate really is a winning combination! A gluten free option is available, made with ground almonds instead of flour.

Our most popular items currently are our triple chocolate cake pops… Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting mixed together to form a ball, placed on a stick, dipped in delicious milk or white chocolate and finally we decorate our cake pops in a variety of colourful ways. Our kitchen cupboards are full of pretty sprinkles, plus we use a variety of chocolate tricks to make our cake pops look really stunning. We also make our cute little cake truffles, a similar idea to cake pops but bite size, with colourful decorations and in a presentation box – posh cake pops! These come in all sorts of flavours from Guinness cake to lemon drizzle.

Some of our favourite chocolate squares and slices have been made in our kitchen since before we even had an oven! Malteser chocolate tiffin, our version of rocky road and millionaires shortbread are the old favourites we started out with and we would be in big trouble with many of our customers if we ever stopped making them!

Most of our cakes are available either by the slice, by the whole tray or in presentation trays for gifts.

Our cake range is always changing, depending on the time of year, customer requests and our mood! But one thing is always the same, it always involves chocolate!

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